Westminster College Web Content

Highlighted Content Projects

"About the Program" Pages

"About the Program" pages for Westminster's academic programs offer some mixed content in addition to listing program faculty but present the opportunity for much more. Re-vamping existing pages (either re-working and adding to existing content or developing content for mostly empty pages) allows me to work with the program's content advisor to highlight the perspectives of students and alumni, share involvement opportunities on campus related to the program as well as resources available to students, and more. 

Student Life Page

Understanding what life will be like as a student is an important part of the decision-making process of prospective students. Previously, Westminster had 2 pages (Campus Life and Get Involved) that shared this type of information. I worked to combine the information on those 2 pages while updating content and adding more information to paint a bigger, more insightful picture of what life is like at Westminster. Information was also added to show what the local area can provide professionally, educationally, and recreationally.

Academics Page

One of the most important considerations a prospective student needs to explore when researching colleges is whether or not an institution can provide the type of educational experience they are looking for. Providing the academic program a student thinks they want to pursue isn't enough on its own. What is advising like at the institution? What other academic opportunities are there? What opportunities are there for gaining professional experience relevant to future careers? Westminster's revamped Academics page answers all of this and more to paint a full picture of what a student can expect from their academic experience at Westminster.

Academic Program Content

Linked here are samples of content I developed for Westminster's academic programs. I worked with the content advisor of each program to gather information that may be interesting to prospective students or is necessary for them to know. This process helps me develop the most interesting, accurate, and informative content possible that allows prospective students to evaluate and/or compare programs to find which meets their educational goals/needs.