WCU Digital Content 

Below are samples of work from both of my positions with WCU's digital content team. You can click on any of the images below to view a PDF.

Countdown to Cullowhee 2019 (This is Western)

I collaborated with WCU videographers to concept and produce the 2019-2020 school year's multi-part social media video series called Countdown to Cullowhee. This year's series was centered around the theme "This is Western," with the goal of drawing on student's nostalgia. 9 short videos captured different aspects of life at WCU in a matter of seconds through a heavy emphasis on visuals and sounds, leading up to the final video with the Chancellor welcoming students back to campus. Click through to YouTube to view all of the videos in the series and/or read the following accompanying blog posts I wrote for this series:

Instagram Story - Weekly News Update

I developed a new content series for WCU's Instagram to be used as a means to link to news content on Instagram. This allowed WCU to share more news on Instagram via the story, instead of filling the feed with photos that have long captions. It additionally provided a way for followers to stay up-to-date with campus news they may have missed on other platforms throughout the week. 

Weekly News Update Instagram Story Slide for the story "Spend Thanksgiving in New York with Pride of the Mountains Marching Band"

Countdown to Cullowhee - University Police Lip Sync Battle

I developed this video concept as part of the 2018-2019 school year's multi-part social media video series called Countdown to Cullowhee, working with WCU's videography team to produce. This video in the series generated the second most engagement of any video posted on WCU's Facebook account in 2018, and the most engagement of the entire series. Results included 344,800+ people reached, 120,200+ video views, and 10,600+ engagements.

Photo re-creation by: Tina Colom

Women's History Month Photo Re-creation Project

I collaborated with a group of WCU photography students on a project used on university social media platforms to celebrate Women's History Month. For each photo, a student selected a defining moment or woman whose actions changed the course of history. I developed the project as a way to showcase student work while also joining the national conversation about, and celebration of, women. 

Art student Elijah Troutman's re-creation of a photo of Dolores Huerta talking into a megaphone

Photo re-creation by: Elijah Troutman

Art student Shelby Weaver's re-creation of a photo of Elizabeth Eckford walking in front of a crowd of angry people

Photo re-creation by: Shelby Weaver

Art student Tina Colom's re-creation of a photo of Sandra Day O’Connor being sworn in
Art student Mitch Foust's re-creation of a photo of Rosa Parks sitting in a bus

Photo re-creation by: Mitch Foust

Art student Kaitlyn Brown's re-creation of a photo of Shirley Chisholm making a peace sign while standing at a podium

Photo re-creation by: Kaitlyn Brown

Art student Ross Lenard's re-creation of a photo of Helen Ling working at a desk

Photo re-creation by: Ross Lenard

Happy Thanksgiving! (2018 Holiday Video) 

I worked with WCU videographers to produce a 2018 holiday video concept I developed. The video was shared across WCU's social media platforms for Thanksgiving, and used the concept of thankfulness to shed a light on the important faculty and staff who make the university what it is. Through careful planning, we were able to surprise the professors and staff featured in the video with special thank you's from grateful students.  

Content Satisfaction Survey 

I developed a survey to measure student satisfaction with the current content produced by WCU. The primary goal of this survey was to find out students' content preferences to inform the development of future content and platform selections for paid advertising efforts.


The survey was completed by 519 students, representing 5% of the student population.

Excerpt from WCU Social Media Satisfaction Survey results showing charts representing answers to 3 of the survey's questions

Click image to view full results

Countdown to Cullowhee - Diversity

I developed this video concept as part of the 2018-2019 school year's multi-part social media video series called Countdown to Cullowhee. I gathered footage from a variety of faculty and students and edited the clips together to showcase the diversity of WCU's student body and faculty to new and returning students viewing the series. 

Alumni Advice 

I developed a new content series (#AlumniAdvice) that engaged with alumni, asking them to submit advice to be used to produce content that encourages and guides current students in their college experience.

Example of alumni advice graphic with quote from Jim Fitzgerald

50 Faces of $50 Million

I provided voiceover talent for this video, which celebrated the milestone of $50 million raised in the Lead the Way scholarship fundraising campaign. 

Homecoming Social Media Story Schedules 

I created several schedule graphics for each day of the week of Homecoming to be posted in WCU's Instagram and Snapchat stories to inform students of each day's activities. This format was used following this for a variety of events to help get the word out to students easily about happenings on campus. 

Example of an Instagram story slide for a homecoming schedule

To see more of my work during my time with WCU, you can view posts on the following channels between August 2018 and September 2019, during which time a good portion of the content was drafted, scheduled, and published by me: