WCU Communication Department

I developed a new website for WCU's Communication Department to better showcase their program, offerings, and student projects to prospective students. You can click either image below to view the full website. 

Screen shot of Communication Department page on the Western Carolina University website

Provided Department Website

As of January 2019, the WCU Communication Department had one website (provided as a department page on WCU's website), which includes basic information about the program and each of its concentrations, including facilities available to students, program faculty and staff, scholarships, student and professional organizations, and a degree checklist.

This website, while it provides basic information on the program including what types of skills and knowledge a prospective student would acquire by participating in the program, does not have any section or content that shows examples of student work, alumni accomplishments, etc.


The limitations of content that can be provided on the department website presented an opportunity to create an additional website that will follow university branding guidelines and can be customized to fit department needs. 

Screenshot of the new WCU Communication Department affiliate website

New Department Website

The new additional WCU Communication Department website will feature:

  • Department news

  • Alumni and current student profile stories

  • Sharing service and experiential learning projects

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Faculty profiles

  • Internship and job openings

The new website will be linked to on the departments WCU webpage and can be shared on promotional materials for the department, as well as on the department's social media platforms. The new website will be a valuable tool for the department to us to market itself to prospective students through showcasing the quality of education and wealth of opportunity the department has to offer.