Course Assignments  

Below are samples of work from various courses I have completed at WCU. You can click on any of the images below to view a PDF.

Residence Hall Newsletter

I created a newsletter template for my Desktop Publishing course. Choosing to design it for the residence hall I worked in as a Resident Assistant, I was able to use the material outside of class. This allowed me to incorporate lessons from the classroom in my position and take on an additional responsibility to produce and distribute a monthly residence hall newsletter. 

Information featured in the newsletter included upcoming events, residents’ birthdays, and recaps of programs from the previous month. 

Newsletter March April Final.jpg
donation letter .jpg

Donation Request Letter 

I drafted a donation request letter as part of my Public Relations Writing course, given the prompt for developing a letter that would elicit donations from members of an organization.

Sustainability Social Media Graphic

My partner and I created social media graphics for a class project where we worked with WCU's Office of Sustainability. We developed various graphic advertisements which included this post for social media and/or their website. The goal of this, and the other advertisements we created, was to raise awareness about sustainability efforts and opportunities on campus and their importance. 

Copy of Internet Ad.jpg
Climate Change FInal Draft .jpg

Writing Sample - Climate Change and You: Make a Difference 

For my English 202 course, I had to select a topic to research and argue in a paper.

I chose a topic I am very passionate about, arguing the importance of climate change and taking steps to lessen our impact on the environment and, therefore, avoid even larger consequences of climate change. 

This paper explains the issue of climate change, including what it is, its rise into the eyes of the public and politicians, its consequences, why it's important to take action, and how someone may go about taking action. 

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